Genuineness of people doing philanthropic work during COVID-19 pandemic time

Read an inspiring story in the morning about an 82 years old man. According to media report, the man is a retired college professor who stays alone in a flat behind the Dum Dum International airport Kolkata and survives on his monthly pension.
When policemen pass by, he waved down from his window to the officers, who thought he needed some help as heavy lockdown is going on.
The report further said the professor invited the patrolling police men inside and asked them to be seated. Upon asking the reason for seeking help from the police officers, the man said that he wanted to contribute money to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.
Apparently the officers were taken aback by this gesture, and immediately contacted their senior officials who advised them that the old man should contribute to the PM-CARES Fund.
He contributed Rs. 10,000 to the PM-CARES Fund from the money he had saved from his pension.
He said, “I wanted to contribute more as each one of us should step forward in order to help combat this situation. However, I spend most of my pension to buy medicines that I have to take regularly.” The incident drew the attention of many on social media platforms. Obviously there are many such incidents go unreported.
The entire country is in lockdown mode, though no new case of COVID-19 has been detected in Manipur there is still need for cautionary measures. In view of the lock down situation many people came forward to help the needy. It is highly appreciable and hopefully it will be a new norm.
If rich and well to do people are ready to lend their hands for the needy all the time, half the problems faced by the world would be solved automatically. In normal time, people are not so helpful and it is understandable. Exceptional times required exceptional sacrifices and COVID-19 pandemic is no ordinary situation.
People donate to CM COVID-19 relief fund, Prime Minister relief fund or other NGOs or organizations etc. these are some of most popular platforms in recent past. However, certain debate or critiques have come up about the above mentioned platforms in the recent past.
The primary critic about donating at CM COVID-19 relief funds is if certain person donates money he or she will have the privilege to share the same photo frame with the Chief Minister himself. Some detractors often pointed out that it has become more of a PR activity and less of philanthropism. The argument is often “every X, Y or Z with a few thousand rupees to spare can hog the limelight and even grabbed contractual projects”. Let’s see how valid this argument is.
One thing is for sure, these are time of scarcity and even government has financial constraints. So, helps offered by citizens count a lot; and it is natural for human to long for acknowledgement of their good works.
People also pointed out that these donation or philanthropic work either to CM relief funds or to personally lending help at local people are often farcical in nature because the so called social workers are spending less on actually helping people and more on advertisement of their philanthropic work.
Many of these so called social workers are aspiring politicians or full time politicians. So it is understandable that there will be tremendous pressure on them. And understandably there are lots of competition this season. New faces are coming out of nowhere and helping people in ways that even sitting MLA’S and ministers could not do.
Interestingly enough many genuine people, people who are no politicians, people who have no political aspiration are coming out and helping people and they care very little for publicity. Such things of genuineness are setting a very good example.
Hopefully, it will be a new norm to help the needy. Even children are giving away their pocket money; we haven’t seen this face of humanity! Giving is a good act and it is infectious.
Giving arouses a sense of satisfaction, people work and earn money and when they give away their hard earned money, they felt important.
World Health Organization official website says “the world is facing an unprecedented challenge with communities and economies everywhere affected by the growing COVID-19 pandemic. The world is coming together to combat the COVID-19 pandemic bringing governments, organizations from across industries and sectors and individuals together to help respond to this global outbreak. The outpouring of global solidarity and support sparked by this shared challenge has been phenomenal.
The World Health Organization (WHO) is leading and coordinating the global effort, supporting countries to prevent, detect, and respond to the pandemic.
Everyone can now support directly the response coordinated by WHO. People and organizations who want to help fight the pandemic and support WHO and partners can now donate through the COVID-Solidarity Response Fund for WHO at”

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