Dead fish surface over Kanglapat

IMPHAL, 15th Mar: Scores of dead fish reared by Fishery department at Kanglapat (moat) located on the southern side of Officers Colony, Sanjenthong and opposite to CC Higher Secondary School were found floating on the water surface over the past few days.
Speaking to The People’s Chronicle, personnel of Manipur Police posted near the area said that several large dead fish, weighing up to 3/4 kg, started floating up on the water surface over the last few days. The dead fish were removed by nearby locals but more dead fishes of varied sizes are continuously floating up to the surface, they conveyed.
Coincidentally, reporters of this daily out to cover the incident also found both small and big dead fish floating on the water surface.
Although the exact cause of the deaths are yet to be ascertained, it is speculated that high pollution level in the water body may have killed the fish. In addition, as Kanglapat is a stagnant water body, the fish may have died due to low level of dissolved oxygen in the water along with damage caused to the ecosystem by installation of stone embankments. Furthermore, the drainage pipeline from Officers Colony falling into the water body may have affected the overall aquatic environment, thus killing the fish.
Meanwhile, an official of Fisheries Department conveyed to this daily that the cause for the death of fish has not been determined. However, as there are reports of dead fish floating on to the water surface, hydrated lime have been distributed for disinfecting the water body, the official informed.

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